Welcome Back!

Well, it's certainly been a while. During my time spent neglecting the ole blog, I did accumulate some great stories and words of advice that will be coming your way. But where have I been? After graduating, I worked non-stop and planned and planned so that I could go on a trip across Asia and Oceania... Continue Reading →


Finding Somewhere in Nowhere

Last minute trips are one of the best things you can do if you have the freedom to do it. Air bnb is also a lifesaver when it comes to wanting a short trip not too far on the cheap. When I realised I had a few days off before going back to work and... Continue Reading →

An Adventure in Loch Lomond

Picture the scene: This time last week I went for a walk in Stirling which ended in my legs going numb due to the hail (that soon turned to sleet and then finally snow) and my hands taking a good 3 hours to regain circulation. Today? The sun is shining, it's WARM, and I don't... Continue Reading →

Sticky Bars

It's been a while since I've written a post (mainly due to my dissertation that has been consuming me for the past few months) but since it's world poetry day today it would be rude not to! So here it is: a poem taken from the first draft of my dissertation with a few tweaks... Continue Reading →

A Plain Digestive Day

He is waiting for me when I open the front door. Well, when I say waiting, what I really mean is, he is slumped on the sofa, and happens to turn his head when he hears the door slam behind me. “Yes? Can I help you?” He looks away without a word and comfies himself... Continue Reading →

Smiley Faces and Stick men

[Remember Your Story, My Story? Well after writing that one for an assignment I ended up changing it around a bit at the last minute. This (version 2) is what it turned into. There are a fair few similarities as they are drafts of the same original idea, however the plot is somewhat... different. Please also... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Colour

Morning breaks; deafening bold, a weary sky turns to gold. Remnants of snow melt from the scene, Slushy grey turns to green. Young buds start to bloom, in sync, What once was green turns to pink. Then mother nature shakes her head and yellow leaves turn to red. Sunlight shortens day by day, Vibrant blues... Continue Reading →

Silhouette on the Sky

You paint white lines across the sky, Casting through the blue. Merging shades, patterns form, A picture that you drew.   Adding trees, outlines show, Your brush flurries from up high. Now branches form: black on blue, A silhouette upon the sky.

Your Story, My Story

[This is version one of a story I wrote. After writing and editing, I then changed the plot line around the characters, creating a rather different version two which will follow soon. Note there will be many similarities between the two pieces of writing as one came from the other.] Your Story, My Story  ... Continue Reading →

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