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The First

As I write this I realise that, for the first time, someone other than a teacher will read my writing. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Until now, the only work ever read is what has been graded. I think, perhaps, it is time to change that.

I will not flatter myself so much as to say that I am a good writer, not at all, however, I will say that I put everything into my writing. All I can say, is I hope it will make you want to return for the next piece.

To me, writing is being able to tell the world something you could never say to any human being. Though, of course, my cat has heard it all. It is the ability to flood a page with emotion, or to conceal it behind ink. It is a wish to tell a tale, a story, be it your own or someone else’s. To me, writing is a release, an escape from everyday life, as well as a way to reflect on it.

But it is also the ability to create.

And here, I plan on posting many different creations.


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