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A Trip to Durham

So on Friday I left for a trip in Durham with my family. It was a fairly long drive but I somehow managed to convince my family that it was a good idea to bring every country CD i own along… they regretted that pretty quick! We stopped off at Alnwick and had a spot of lunch before reaching Durham. It was a very rainy journey and our stop involved running between doorsteps in a vain attempt to stay dry.
On arriving we checked into the Premier Inn and headed out for some dinner after picking up my sister from Thornaby. We went to a little restaurant called The Dough Box – a place dedicated to pizza. I had a margarita with pineapple, which, unfortunately, was rather disappointing. While everyone else’s pizza’s looked pretty tasty, mine was a tad overdone. Still good, but not the best pizza I’ve ever had (that’s a toss up between Little Italy in Penicuik, or a restaurant i went to in Portugal years ago!) We then spent the rest of the evening at my sister’s playing Settles of Catan, which – of course – I won. If you haven’t heard of it and are into board games I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

On the Saturday we journeyed into Durham and spend most of the day in various coffee shops. It was on and off rain all day, and very cold, so we browsed shops and ate. The indoor market was on too, so we went in there and just generally wondered. In the evening we had a big family gathering at Table Table. My mum’s family are from Durham so we Scots joined them for what was a lovely meal. I had sausage and mash, then a chocolate pudding with ice cream. It was very much a good pub meal. We spent hours there entertaining my little cousins and talking to the family. Many games of Uno later, we headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed.
The Sunday was the reason we were in Durham. We got up early and joined my Granda, my Gran’s brother, and my aunt at Prebends Bridge. It was a beautifully sunny day and it was very quiet on the bridge. It was here my Gran had asked to have her ashes scattered. Why, we don’t actually know, but it was a wonderful spot for it. The Cathedral sits framed by trees, a perfect view before the river. We scattered her ashes from the bridge along with flowers and it really was very beautiful. My Granda told us stories and there were tears. It was the perfect goodbye.


He then took us to the Church where they were married – right across the street from her old house. On the day of their wedding, the police stopped all of the traffic so she could cross the road into the Church. And just up the road was the dance hall where they first met all those years ago. Then, up the hill was where the first speed cameras were installed in the UK… and where my Granda was the first to be caught speeding on them!

After such a lovely, family weekend, my brother got the train back and I spent the evening at my sisters. The Monday was my mum’s birthday and we met them in Seaham, a nice little seaside town. Fish and Chips, and scrumptious ice creams were had before the drive back home.

TypewriterPaws x


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