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Milkshake Madness

My friends and family will know that obsessed doesn’t quite cover it when it comes to milkshakes. I decided that whilst on my weekend trip, I would test the milkshakes Durham and nearby places had to offer.

First stop: Alnwick

Well, what a disappointing start. We stopped at a family run cafe in Alnwick where I had my first chocolate milkshake. It was a Schmoo milkshake – a “delicious, fresh, thick shake” or not. I do not recommend you ever get a ‘machine’ milkshake. It did not taste great and was kind of an effort to finish unfortunately.

Shake 2: Split & Glory (Upstairs in Chapters Tea Room, Elvet Bridge, Durham)

Much better! A real ice cream shake. Again, chocolate, but this time a few scoops of ice cream and chocolate sauce lining the glass. A much higher standard – though that was expected as it is like a little ice cream parlour above the tea room. I really enjoyed this one, though it was a tad small… or maybe I’m just greedy, and a little too much chocolate sauce. Anyway, I would definitely recommend going there, you can even sit in the tearoom and bring your shake down if you’re with a group of people who don’t all want a milkshake.

3rd and Final One: Treats Tea Shop, Silver Street, Durham

Oh what a milkshake. Firstly, the choice was pretty incredible for a little tea room. Banoffee, cookie dough, mars bar, and of course the usual flavours. Well, I had a mars one and oh wow. Not only was it a true 3 scoop ice cream milkshake, it even tasted like mars, and had a mini mars bar in it! Definitely my favourite of the three, and not ever the most expensive one. It was a quirkily little place, and all of the food was excellent too, but that milkshake just topped off the whole weekend. If you are anywhere win the vicinity – GO!



P.S. Sorry there aren’t photos, they didn’t really last long enough for that…


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