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One More Movie

Over the past year or so, I seem to have become somewhat of a cinema buff. I’ve always enjoyed a trip to the cinema, however I used to only ever go when there was something I really wanted to see. Harry Potter was a must, most were released during the summer so, when on holiday, that rainy day was always a Harry Potter movie day. Other than the must-sees, I only ventured out into the world of the big screen when a trailer really hooked me. The number of times I would say, “we should go see that,” and then forget all about it is probably something known by all. Those were the days of orange Wednesdays too, though I was on the network, instead finding myself having to carefully select who to go with (the cinema was – and still is – an expensive outing after all.)

Having taken out insurance through Compare the Market last year, I found myself one of the many with the new version of Orange Wednesdays. And not only that, it could be used on a tuesday too! I found myself at the pictures every few weeks, even if I was only half interested in what was on. Dirty Grandpa, for example, was definitely not a film I would ever have chosen to go to, but with Meerkat Movies, I fully obliged, keeping my concerns to myself.

It actually turned out alright too! I genuinely laughed throughout. Though it will never win an Oscar, it was certainly a fun, lighthearted laugh. Though at normal cinema prices, I doubt I would ever have given it a chance.

Since then, I have seen many more: from James Bond to Me Before You, Deadpool to The Jungle Book. Yes, I’d have seen some of them regardless, but others I’d perhaps have waited for DVD release, or just not bothered.

That brings me to the real question. Are cinema prices too high? Is this why it is less popular than it once was? Certainly some cinemas are more expensive than others, and there are special deals if you go early or mid-week, but if they were lower, would people go to see films they never considered before? Perhaps. I always find my cinema experiences rather varied from one to another. While my trip to see The Nice Guys resulted in a full cinema, when I went to see the much anticipated Me Before You there were only six of us overall. Maybe the more important question is, is the tradition of going to the piccys dying out after all?

To me, the demise of cinema is unthinkable. Though I have only recently started going more often, to not see those much anticipated blockbusters on the big screen is simply a crime. If you are one of those people who just watches everything online, go. Go to the cinema, just once. Take a friend, a sibling, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or even your Nan. Just try it one more time. Go on opening night, when the cinema is full and everyone laughs and sniggers together.When you all leave and everyone’s make-up has run, or when you all discuss the best bits, or how disappointing it was, in your little groups as you all leave the screen together. Trust me. It’s better than watching it online. And it’s not just about the quality of the picture, or the depth to the sound. It’s about the excitement and the sense of an outing. It’s going together and experiencing it together.

Cinema has always been  part of my life, whether it’s a family outing, meeting up with friends, or on a date. I remember going when I was little, the excitement of my grandparents when they took us and smuggling in sweeties. We can’t let the tradition of cinema die. There is always time for one more movie. So don’t let the next one be your last.


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