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Yours lips that used to touch so soft,

Give gentle, tender kisses.

They speak the words she cannot hear,

The truth of what you’ve done.


Cheat they say


But that’s not the words she hears.

It’s the innocence of


You don’t love her anymore.


The butterflies, they used to flap,

But you’ve pulled off all their wings.

What once were shivers of delight,

Now chill her from within.


She looks at you,

Lips trying to move.

Is met with your blank stare.

You turn away,

giving up

Not fighting anymore.


What once was two, him and her

Now fades and disappears

Leaving only unsaid words

No kisses, only tears.


She gave you love

She gave you life

Her heart was always yours.

You took it and

you trashed it,

Never relinquishing her yours.


So goodbye! She says, I hate you

I don’t need you anymore

Her lips form the words

While her heart says something more.


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