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An Adventure in Loch Lomond

Picture the scene: This time last week I went for a walk in Stirling which ended in my legs going numb due to the hail (that soon turned to sleet and then finally snow) and my hands taking a good 3 hours to regain circulation. Today? The sun is shining, it’s WARM, and I don’t even need a jumper. Scottish weather for you, I guess.

So what do I do? Road trip! okay, it’s not that far from Stirling to Loch Lomond, maybe 40minutes it took, but when you take the scenic route and are driving through the hills, the windows rolled down, the sun shining and the wind in your face, well it feels a helluva lot like a summer road trip. And who am I to argue?

DSC_0292 - Version 2

Being a Monday with a dissertation to proofread and having classes to go to we only had the afternoon but that didn’t stop us making the most of it. After the scenic drive we arrived in Balloch as headed straight for the loch side. Camera in hand, we walked past the boats and to the little beaches that are scattered along the shore. Being a ridiculously warm day everyone was out with their dogs and swans so we stopped for photos and views but continued on past the castle to a little secluded beachy bit. We may have had to cross a stream and go round a fence to get there but really, it wasn’t out of the way enough for us to be put off. It was beautiful, really. Simple. Warm. Scenic.

DSC_0340 - Version 2.JPG
The secluded beach.
DSC_0315 - Version 2
Swans not dogs.

We then headed back to the castle, stopping off in a little garden that sits of the hill. There are benches and bushes and it feels a little bit like one of those posh gardens you see the big mansions have in movies and travel brochures. You know the ones with the almost mazes and dainty features. Well this one had a bit where the trees formed a circle round a few benches and a central tree, all of them hanging with little jars for butterflies.

DSC_0360 - Version 2
Butterfly trees.

Heading back up we bypassed the castle as it was closed, (I think it was having some building works done inside) which was a shame but it didn’t really matter as at this point our stomachs were called and had to be answered! We went to a little chip shop over the road from the park where we left the car (once we eventually found our way back) and ate them sitting on the steps to the loch. It did feel a tad off eating fish and chips without the salty taste from the sea I’m accustomed to, but it was delicious all the same. Even some seagulls made an appearance.

All in all: Lochs are good.


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