Finding Somewhere in Nowhere

Last minute trips are one of the best things you can do if you have the freedom to do it. Air bnb is also a lifesaver when it comes to wanting a short trip not too far on the cheap. When I realised I had a few days off before going back to work and around my Birthday I couldn’t say no to a trip. After a few hours scrolling, looking at flights, trying to match accommodation to cheap flights and going round in circles we decided to settle on somewhere closer to home. Putting simply ‘the UK’ into Air bnb we did some more scrolling and made a decision based on the house rather than the location. Maybe not your standard way of booking a holiday but hey, I like to do things different sometimes.

The cottage was a decent £50 a night for the both of us, and it was the whole cottage we were getting too. It had a cosy, oldy charm about it though and we thought why not? It was located in Castleton in the North York Moors National Park, just half an hour from Whitby so it seemed like a healthy risk.

A week later and a quick 3 hour drive, we were there (okay, we got lost and it was my fault but who puts two pubs with the same name within 10 minutes of each other?!) The cottage certainly did not disappoint, ‘quirky dwelling’ being a more appropriate term to use, I think. I wouldn’t normally recommend choosing somewhere for the accommodation as the whole point in going away is to explore and see new things, but this was an exception. We were planning to do more travelling together and had to start somewhere. Though we had intended on doing something a bit bigger than the North of England, it was last minute and we just wanted away. Across the four days we went to Whitby – where we ate some incredible ice cream and fish and chips and did the Dracula experience (not 100% sure about that one – i think they need some new actors tbh) and lots of beach walking, visited Robin Hoods Bay and explored the surrounding areas but we also stayed in one day too. That could possibly have been the best day as well.

With an armoury of games and DVDs it was nice to get cosy though, drink hot chocolate and enjoy the cottage which hadn’t been altered much in well over 80 years. Its creaky stairs and low ceilings just added to the appeal (we’re not the tallest either so that may have helped.) It was tiny, don’t get me wrong, but it had everything you could possibly need (including an abundance of blankets.) And with no internet and no TV it really made you appreciate each others company all the more and get a bit creative.We cooked most meals, and played a multitude of cards games and it was bliss. Location was suddenly irrelevant.

I would thoroughly recommend something like this for a few days – definitely no more as I really meant it when I said you can’t get away from them in somewhere so small, but sitting in the little living room, listening to the radio and playing Monopoly Deal for the 76th time has a strange appeal to it.

Though our next adventure will hopefully be somewhere further afield, I think as a first trip it was certainly worth it. You really learn a lot about someone when you’re smooshed together in a kitchen, one washing the dishes while the other climbs over you to put them away. It’s also a great way to figure out if you want to travel further with someone. I’m glad to say I do, although we may leave the cards behind next time…


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