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A Plain Digestive Day

He is waiting for me when I open the front door. Well, when I say waiting, what I really mean is, he is slumped on the sofa, and happens to turn his head when he hears the door slam behind me. “Yes? Can I help you?” He looks away without a word and comfies himself… Continue reading A Plain Digestive Day

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Smiley Faces and Stick men

[Remember Your Story, My Story? Well after writing that one for an assignment I ended up changing it around a bit at the last minute. This (version 2) is what it turned into. There are a fair few similarities as they are drafts of the same original idea, however the plot is somewhat... different. Please also… Continue reading Smiley Faces and Stick men

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Wuthering Heights: an untold chapter

Wuthering Heights: An Untold Chapter [My take on an additional chapter to the novel 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë] The soft drips fell from the branches above him, slipping easily from the buds and sliding freely through the air until landing, unnoticed, onto his head. From there they dripped down his face and clothes, but not a… Continue reading Wuthering Heights: an untold chapter